About Us

The Epilepsy Foundation was founded in May 1964.

Our purpose
The organisation was formed so that individuals and families were not alone with their epilepsy.

Our vision
The vision of the Epilepsy Foundation is to stop avoidable deaths from epilepsy, to ensure children get a good education so that people get and keep jobs and so that people feel safe and connected.

Our Values
Equity & Access
Ensuring that people living with epilepsy get a fair go and can connect to appropriate supports and services

Participation & Inclusion
Engaging people and building effective relationships based on a shared purpose

Resourcefulness & Innovation
Seeking better ways to do more with the resources available to us

Trust & Integrity
Displaying integrity in everything that we do thus enabling the people who rely on us to have confidence in our motives and abilities

Fulfilling our responsibilities and obligations

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The Epilepsy Foundation Services brochure (PDF 99kb) gives a brief overview of the services that the Epilepsy Foundation provides.


Who we are

The Epilepsy Foundation is a Not For Profit organisation operating under the governance of a volunteer Board… read more



Our Initiatives

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Op Shops

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The Epilepsy Foundation is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its members, clients, supporters… read more



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You can contact us via telephone, email or drop into our office.. Read More

our ambassadors

Our Ambassadors

Let’s work together to make life easier for those living with epilepsy… Read More