The Epilepsy Foundation Library collection is a source of diverse information supporting a wide range of clients, including people with epilepsy, carers, children, medical and health professionals and the wider public with an interest in epilepsy.

The collection comprises more than 2,600 books and audio visual materials, complete holdings of the major epilepsy-related journals plus extensive current information files containing articles on many subjects relating to both the study of epilepsy and living with epilepsy.

The librarian assists with all requests for information, including literature searches, whether made in person or by telephone, letter, email or website. The library has access to a wide range of journal articles through other libraries and via membership of the inter-library cooperative, Gratisnet.

A Recommended Reading List for children is available which lists books available from the library.

Daily, the Librarian filters incoming Alerts to scientific and news articles, with an emphasis on the impact of psycho-social issues, and distributes by email, those considered of relevance to organisations, professionals and individuals with an interest in epilepsy. The alerts are divided into two groups a General Interest Group and a SUDEP Interest Group (The Librarian attempts to capture all articles on SUDEP). Those interested in receiving the alerts may elect to belong to both groups.

Should you wish to subscribe to this free service please contact the Librarian at Pauline Brockett.

For further information, please email our Librarian, Pauline Brockett, or telephone (03) 8809 0600.