Funded Research

In line with our commitment to high quality research and high quality researchers, the Epilepsy Foundation supports cutting edge Australian research. This research aims to help find novel treatments for epilepsy, with the aim of one day finding a cure, and to identify the best information for supporting people living with epilepsy today.

Projects funded through the AERF:

Florey Syngap-1 Gene Project

The first project funded through the AERF scheme is being conducted by a team from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, led by Professor Steven Petrou. This team is hoping to establish a sustainable program of “precision medicine” – in other words undertaking research that helps to deliver targeted diagnostic techniques and treatment options for rare genetic conditions of the brain.

The current project funded by the AERF is an important step in this direction – this project is looking at the SYNGAP-1 gene. Mutations in the SYNGAP-1 gene can cause a rare form of early-onset epilepsy commonly associated with developmental delay and intellectual disability.

This research is in the early stages – examining how the gene is expressed and how different treatment approaches work in mice with the SYNGAP-1 mutation. The research, however, is well underway and we are very excited to hear more about the outcomes as the study progresses – watch this space!

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