Seizure First Aid

Understanding how to provide an emergency response for someone having a seizure can assist in reducing the impact of that seizure on the individual.

Call 000 when a person has a seizure and any of the following apply:

1. If you don’t know the person
2. If there is no available Epilepsy Management Plan
3. If the seizure lasts for 5 minutes
4. If the seizure stops but the person does not regain consciousness within 5 minutes
5. If another seizure begins
6. If the seizure activity has resulted in a serious injury
7. If the seizure occurs in water
8. If you believe the person having the seizure may be pregnant

If you have access to an Epilepsy Management Plan and/or an Emergency Medication Management Plan for the person having the seizure, follow the instructions on these plans. Only people who have received person specific training for the administration of emergency medication to the person having the seizure should administer the emergency medication.

Follow the emergency response steps in our Seizure First Aid poster and remember if at any time you are unsure as to what you should be doing call 000. Please feel free to download and display the Seizure First Aid poster (PDF 282kb) as required.