Employers and Communities

We believe that every person living with epilepsy should:

– feel safe and connected, in their community, through their network
– should get a good education, one which allows them to reach their potential and secure the job of their choice
– keep the job of their choice no matter when a diagnosis is made

If your workplace or community organisation interacts with the general public it is your responsibility to ensure a safe work environment for everyone. Research shows us that 1% of the population are living with active epilepsy and 4% of the population will experience a seizure in their life time, it is highly likely therefore that at some time your workplace will come into contact with a staff member, client or someone from the general public who is living with epilepsy.


Training for Employers

We believe that every person living with epilepsy should feel safe and connected…Read More



This resources page is a quick way to find printable resources to help you be more informed…. Read More

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