Training for Teachers


Whether a child care worker, primary or secondary school teacher, community tutor, trainer or university lecturer your role in supporting a person on their lifelong learning journey is pivotal to their success. Our education and training programs will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge required to provide appropriate supports in the learning environment while also developing a better understanding of the impacts of living with epilepsy on learning.

The Department of Education and Training (Victoria) Epilepsy and Seizures Policy provides guidance for teachers working in Victorian schools on the training required to support the needs of students living with epilepsy, stating that:

“School staff with a direct teaching role or other staff as directed by the principal who have a duty of care responsibility for a student living with epilepsy are required to receive training in:

• Understanding and Managing Epilepsy
• and where indicated, Administration of Emergency Medication.

Training must be refreshed every two years, or sooner where required.”

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Thank you for your training. I could even sense the staff breathing a sigh of relief knowing that they will be able to cope with a seizure.” Danielle

Training for Teachers

An introduction to understanding and managing epilepsy.

This one hour workshop will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge required to support an individual living with epilepsy.

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Epilepsy: Administration of emergency medication

This two part training program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you require to administer emergency medication for the treatment of seizures in the community.

  • Part 1 can be delivered face to face or online and provides you with the underpinning knowledge about emergency medication.
  • Part 2 can also be delivered face to face or online and provides you with the skills required to read and understand the individuals Epilepsy management Plan and Emergency Medication Management Plan and the skills required to administer the medication.

It is important that you have received training in emergency response for seizures and general epilepsy awareness training prior to training in administration of emergency medication; you therefore need to complete one of our Understanding Epilepsy programs as a pre-requisite for this training.

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These courses are included on the Victorian Institute of Teaching Special Needs Plan PD Provider List and meets the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Standards 4.1, 1.5 and 1.6

Epilepsy Smart Schools

An Epilepsy Smart School embeds inclusive, safe and educationally sound practices for primary, secondary and special school students living with epilepsy. If you work in this space we encourage you to visit our Epilepsy Smart School website and talk to your colleagues about how your school can become an Epilepsy Smart School.

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