A little ray of sunshine is what you can bring to families this holiday season.

You can help families access vital support, information and resources so they can better manage their child’s epilepsy. Donate today.

Marigold is not even two years old yet every day this beautiful little girl has around 100 tiny seizures.

Every single day… 100 tiny seizures…

“I’ve never felt such fear as I did when I saw my little girl choking. She was so young, just 10-months old at the time. I remember we were eating dinner. And then… Goldie was choking. She was red, stiff and making very strange noises. We immediately called an ambulance, but by the time they arrived she seemed fine.” – Charlene

Unfortunately, this was not a one-off episode and only a couple of weeks later Marigold was choking, going stiff and making strange noises again.

“My heart sank. At that moment I realised this was not a one-off episode. This was something serious… But I had no idea that within a week I would be told that my little beautiful girl has epilepsy. That my beautiful Goldie has infantile spasms, focal seizures and absence seizures.

Please give today and help make this holiday season that little bit brighter and sunnier for families living with epilepsy.

Epilepsy is not just a rough road, it can also be a lonely journey for those living with epilepsy. That is why your support is so vitally important today. You can help ensure that families like Charlene’s are not alone on their journey with epilepsy.

Give today and make a real difference in the lives of children and families. Just one click can provide them with all the support, information and practical help they need.

“When Marigold was diagnosed, I rang the Foundation and found caring people on the other end of the phone helping me to understand, giving me the information I needed, and being there to listen to me. I just wanted to talk to somebody who did understand. And the Foundation was there.” 

Your donation will mean the Epilepsy Foundation can continue to provide families like Charlene’s with access to vital information, resources and support. That at the other end of a phone call, they can speak with an epilepsy support staff member who can help them better manage their epilepsy. Your donation can also help ensure that businesses and schools become epilepsy smart, people are trained in epilepsy seizure first aid and every person who contacts us will have an epilepsy management plan for their loved one.

Today Marigold is slowly getting stronger. She’s just learned to stand in the last couple of weeks and she’s becoming more interactive. Unfortunately, the seizures and the medication affect her sleep, making Marigold tired and unhappy a lot of the time. But she has happy energy bursts every now and then.

“Life is different to what I thought it would be.  As a parent you have hopes and dreams for your child. Being told Marigold has epilepsy, I found myself grieving for what I wanted her to have. But your support of the Foundation has helped me understand that it’s about finding a new road. And having the Foundation next to us on that road… that’s giving us hope and strength on what life might take us on.”

You can help families continue to access vital information and support so they can provide the very best care for their children. Give today. Let them know they are not alone.

Please donate now. It will take a few moments of your time, but it’ll make a real difference to Marigold, her family, and all the families who come to the Foundation for support.

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