Together we are making a difference

Together we are letting people know they are not alone

The latest issue of “InTouch with epilepsy” newsletter is now available. Click here to download your copy.

In this issue you’ll discover the amazing difference our caring community of donors are making for people living with epilepsy. You’ll also read the heart-warming story of Bianca and her family who are taking part in our second Walk for Epilepsy on Sunday 20 October, Princes Park, Carlton.

Bianca’s husband Adam has epilepsy. One Saturday morning, as the family were preparing to enjoy a quiet weekend together, Adam suddenly experienced a seizure. The quiet weekend became aweekend stay at the hospital for the entire family.

Adam recalls that he had seizures from when he was five months old until two years of age, but he had been completely seizure free… until 2009.Adam was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy.

Two years later, in 2011, Adam underwent a temporal lobectomy and was seizure free for three years.

“When the seizures returned, they were worse. He now has generalised tonic clonic seizures. He hasn’t worked for 18 months. He’s had to give up his driver’s licence, his love of surfing and he has to be very careful when he goes swimming.” – Bianca

Epilepsy can make a person give up the everyday things they love so much.

“The worst is being out somewhere and Adam having a seizure – people stop and stare. The stigma, the reactions of people We just want to be a normal family…”

Your donation can help people like Bianca reach out to and receive the support they need to better understand and manage their loved one’s epilepsy. To be able to access vital counselling and advice, and ways to better care for their loved ones including individualised epilepsy management plans.

“I know that Rheana and the Foundation will always be there when I need them. She and everyone at the Foundation are truly a fantastic support!” – Bianca

Please donate now. It will take a few moments of your time, but it’ll make a real difference to Bianca, her family, and all the families who come to the Foundation for support.

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