60 years of service, support and care

This year, we mark our 60th year of providing much-needed support services to people living with epilepsy in Victoria and New South Wales. Since 1964, hundreds of thousands of people with epilepsy, their families and carers, and others within organisations who support people with epilepsy, have accessed our information, resources and training in their time of need. As a community-based organisation we are humbled to have been able to, in some small way, ease the oftendifficult journey for people with epilepsy by empowering them with knowledge, tools and the psychosocial support they needed. Credit for the establishment of this organisation that we now know as the Epilepsy Foundation, and the immense positive impact on the quality of life for people with epilepsy over the past 60 years, very much goes to our founder, Mary Davis. In the words of her daughter-in-law, Marie Davis, Mary was “dedicated to helping people living with the condition, ensuring honourable care, and having the stigma of epilepsy reduced so they wouldn’t be treated as people with a mental illness. An area of focus for her was educating young people at school on knowing what epilepsy is and how it affects people”. Mary’s vision of supporting every person impacted by epilepsy is the reason the Epilepsy Foundation is the major provider of services to people with epilepsy today and will continue to be for as long as our services are needed.

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