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About the Epilepsy Smart Australia Program

The Epilepsy Smart Australia Program is a much-needed and very exciting opportunity to better support Australians living with epilepsy, their families and carers.

Epilepsy Smart Australia is a national program that will provide a new range of high-quality epilepsy services that are based on the latest evidence and will improve the quality of life for people living with epilepsy and those who support them.  The Australian Government is supporting the development of this new Program. 

The Program is being developed by the Epilepsy Foundation in Victoria and New South Wales and will be progressively made available to people with epilepsy across all States and Territories in partnership with other state-based epilepsy service providers.  Strong relationships with peak bodies, consumers and other organisations that support people with epilepsy across metropolitan, regional and remote communities will ensure services reach those who need them.

Earlier this year, the Epilepsy Foundation ran a survey for people living with epilepsy and those who support them. This survey was completed in May. The results gave us an understanding of gaps in the current services and supports, and this knowledge will guide the development of the Epilepsy Smart Australia Program.

In March 2021, we commenced a pilot of the National Epilepsy Support Service (NESS) in Victoria and New South Wales. The NESS provides a central point of current, evidence-based information, initial support and referral for people living with epilepsy. The NESS is now fully operational.

The Epilepsy Foundation is working with a wide range of people and organisations to ensure that all Australians, no matter their cultural background, age or location, can access and benefit from the Epilepsy Smart Australia Program.

For enquiries regarding the Program, or if you would like to get involved, please contact Graeme Shears (CEO) at the Epilepsy Foundation at gshears@epilepsyfoundation.org.au

For people who are seeking to access services now, please contact the NESS line on:

Ph:       1300 761 487

Email:  epilepsy@epilepsyfoundation.org.au

The Epilepsy Smart Australia program received funding from the Australian Government.

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