Our Ambassadors

Rebecca Maddern, Channel 7 Presenter

Rebecca Maddern

“I’m delighted to be an ambassador for the Epilepsy Foundation to help create awareness and make life a little easier for those who have to endure the many hardships associated with this condition.

Unfortunately, epilepsy is a medical condition that still has many stigmas attached to it, that shouldn’t be the case. Education is the key to this and the best place for this to start is in schools.

As a teenager, I experienced first-hand what it was like to watch a classmate have a seizure, there is no doubt it is frightening stuff but once we were taught what to do, we followed a procedure to help our friend as much as we could. That took away the embarrassment for the person and it took away the fear for us.

Let’s work together to make life easier for those with epilepsy.”

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