Ben’s Story


Ben was first diagnosed with epilepsy in 2021, two years after he had finished high school. However, his neurologist believes he has had the condition for much longer.


“I experience nocturnal seizures which originate from my left temporal lobe. Fortunately, I’ve never had a daytime seizure.”


Ben has been identified as being in the high-risk category for SUDEP, something he is still attempting to process.


“From dislocating shoulders to constant brain fog and lethargy, epilepsy has flipped my world upside down.”


Currently studying to become a clinical neuropsychologist at university, Ben is completing his honours in psychology this year.


“I hope to specialise in this field and support fellow people living with epilepsy along their journey.”


In his spare time, Ben enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring with his girlfriend and has also begun training at the gym. Furthermore, he also has plans to start volunteering in the epilepsy community.


Ben’s experience with the Epilepsy Foundation has allowed him access to various resources to support him on his journey living with epilepsy.


“I first encountered the Epilepsy Foundation shortly after my diagnosis. I contacted them explaining my situation and they provided me with great resources and access to support workers.”


Ben wants to break the myth that all people living with epilepsy are photosensitive, while also raising awareness of anti-seizure medications (ASMs) and their effects.


“In reality, only 2-3 percent of people living with epilepsy are photosensitive. In addition, few people understand how significantly anti-seizure medications impact people living with epilepsy every day.”


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