Isabella’s Story


Isabella was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of five. She experiences absent, focal and tonic-clonic seizures.


Epilepsy has had a significant impact on Isabella’s life, particularly when it comes to raising her son, who was born in 2020.


“I am 26 years old and I am very blessed with a baby boy and I wish I could do a lot more for him. I wish I had a licence to take him to play centres, to do everything that a ‘normal’ mum would be able to do. Especially because I’m a single parent.”


Isabella’s pregnancy was very stressful due to her ongoing seizures.


“I had nine tonic-clonic seizures, and I was having absence seizures on a daily basis. Focal seizures as well. It was quite a stressful pregnancy for my partner at the time and my mother who we were living with.”


Looking after her son is Isabella’s top priority and she is enjoying spending quality time with him and fostering his curiosity with all aspects of life.


“I’m currently a stay at home mum. When my son goes to childcare, I am considering doing part-time work or study.”


Isabella wants to inspire people to fight epilepsy and not let it get the best of us.


“I’ve suffered from epilepsy and I just want to put it out there that we aren’t ‘suffering’, we are fighting it. We can’t let it beat us. We can’t let epilepsy stop us. Life is tough, but so are you.”


This year will mark Isabella’s first time participating in the Walk for Epilepsy, and she is very excited to get out there and raise awareness.


“I’ve never done this (Walk for Epilepsy), but there’s a first time for everything. If you haven’t already, definitely join in.”


Support people living with epilepsy, like Isabella, by registering for the Walk for Epilepsy. Visit to register.

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