Leah’s Story

Leah was first diagnosed with epilepsy in April 2023, after experiencing generalised onset seizures, which were followed by a series of focal onset seizures.


Initially, Leah encountered challenges with finding the right anti-seizure medication (ASM).


“The first major impact was the journey I had to go on to find the right medication for me. This was very stressful and one of the medications completely took over my mind and who I was as a person.”


Further, the risk of a seizure happening at any given point complicated her day-to-day life, particularly as a mother.


“The second impact, one that many people don’t consider, is the risk of a seizure hitting at any point in time. Being a mother of two little boys, the thought of something happening never escapes me, whether it be when I’m driving them to school, when I’m home alone with them and my husband is away, or if I’m out running by myself; there is always that underlying worry that it could happen again.”


Thankfully, since finding a medication that works, Leah’s seizures have been kept under control.


Between raising two children and being the Director of Operations for a small software company, Leah likes to find time to engage in hobbies such as running and sewing, as well as the occasional trip to South Australia to visit family.


Leah first encountered the Epilepsy Foundation after catching someone share their story on television, which inspired her to register and take part in the Walk for Epilepsy.


“I saw a personality on TV talking about his journey and the Walk for Epilepsy event. So, I decided to sign up for it and in turn, it has connected me to the Epilepsy Foundation.”


Leah would like to continue raising awareness of epilepsy. She is passionate about educating the community on the different types of seizures a person can experience and how to care for someone living with the condition.


“Epilepsy doesn’t always look like a generalised seizure – there are so many different types of seizures. The lack of awareness on how to manage, treat and look after someone who is having a seizure is astounding – we really need to try to communicate and educate the community on what to do.”


You can help us support people living with epilepsy, like Leah, by donating today. Visit fundraising.epilepsyfoundation.org.au/donation


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