Lexi’s Story – Beyond the surface: Insights of an Intern at the Epilepsy Foundation


Over the past couple of months, the Epilepsy Foundation has been lucky enough to have student, Alexandra (Lexi), complete her university placement with our Knowledge Translation department. Lexi is currently studying for a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion at Deakin University, with hopes of working in health project management upon completion.


In her time working with the Epilepsy Foundation, Lexi proofread fact sheets, assisted with research, and helped craft newsletters, among other tasks. She became a valued member of the team, connecting with staff across different departments and relishing every chance to learn and refine her skillset.


Overall, Lexi has found her placement with the Foundation to have been a dynamic opportunity to understand the inner workings of a health promotion organisation and contribute to the collective effort to improve epilepsy awareness and support.


Read Lexi’s reflection on her time at the Epilepsy Foundation below.




When I secured my university placement at the Epilepsy Foundation, it felt fantastic— my first preference and an exciting opportunity. For those I didn’t have the chance to meet, my name is Lexi, and I’m a student at Deakin University completing a Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion. My studies involve 120 hours of placement, which I have been fortunate enough to complete over eight weeks as part of the Knowledge Translation team at the Epilepsy Foundation. When I was asked to write an article about my placement journey, I was delighted to accept and reflect on what I’ve learned.


My placement days, Wednesdays and Thursdays, started at 9:00 am in the office. My routine commenced with a cup of tea as I read through my inbox and Teams messages, catching up on the week’s updates before delving into my tasks. Wednesdays were spent working with Seb, the Content Writer for the Epilepsy Smart Australia program. To begin with, I scoured Shutterstock images for the new Epilepsy Smart Australia information sheets. It was an eye-opener into the demand for varied information. I carefully combed through existing information sheets in the following weeks, ensuring functional hyperlinks and updated contact details. Proofreading a comprehensive mental health resource sheet followed, refining my attention to detail and honing my proofreading skills.


On Thursdays, I assisted Emma with the Research Matters client newsletter and research register. Researching recent epilepsy studies and crafting newsletter articles suitable for a broader audience has fascinated me. Presenting my findings to Emma for feedback refined my choices, and after integrating her suggestions, the pieces were ready for the newsletter. Transforming this complex information into an easily digestible format was a rewarding challenge.


An unexpected highlight of my time with the Epilepsy Foundation was distributing op shop brochures with Lisa, Emma, and Emma’s gorgeous Great Dane, Bia. Conversations with locals in Surrey Hills about the Epilepsy Foundation’s initiatives added a refreshing change to the office routine.


Before starting my placement, I set a goal to connect with individuals from different facets of the Foundation. Conversations with Kim and Steve (Marketing), Rheana (Client Services), and Paul (Epilepsy Smart Australia program) unveiled diverse perspectives and roles I never knew existed. These discussions have expanded my understanding of the organisation and the opportunities within the broader public health and health promotion field.


This placement has been a dynamic opportunity to understand the inner workings of a health promotion organisation and contribute to the collective effort to improve epilepsy awareness and support. As I look forward, I’m excited to put into practice all I have learnt from my time with the Epilepsy Foundation.




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