This section provides a range of information for people living with epilepsy. Understanding your epilepsy, beyond seizures, will help you make informed decisions about your lifestyle and implement any changes needed to reduce risks and provide you with a good quality of life. It will also help you better communicate your needs to the important people in your life.

We cover a range of topics and issues in this section, from coming to terms with your diagnosis and talking about your epilepsy with others, through to how your epilepsy might affect or be affected by sleep, stress and memory. There is also plenty of information about epilepsy in relation to different areas of life, including physical activity, stress, travel and transport.

You might not be a person living with epilepsy; you might a concerned family member, friend, employer or carer. Whatever your situation, we hope the information in this section will be useful to you in understanding and supporting a person living with epilepsy.

An epilepsy management plan can be a great tool in managing your epilepsy.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Two brothers

Children and Epilepsy

This section provides information about children and epilepsy, parenting, and support available for families and siblings.

Children and Epilepsy

Mother with disabled son wearing helmet

Cognitive Disability

This section provides information about people living with epilepsy and cognitive disabilities, including support and the importance of communication and person-centred care.

Cognitive Disability

Caregivers and Epilepsy

This section provides information about epilepsy support for people with a duty of care in different roles, including employers, sports coaches/official, teachers, nurses, and disability and community workers.

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