Accredited training for nurses

The Understanding Epilepsy for Registered Nurses training program provides clear, straightforward information about epilepsy so that Registered Nurses working in a variety of settings can understand epilepsy in terms of their workplace role. Our training is also relevant to nurses who work in other contexts, including schools.

This interactive training workshop, as well as accompanying resources, is designed to broaden nurse’s professional knowledge in:

  1. Epilepsy, seizures and causes
  2. Seizure classifications and  epilepsy syndromes
  3. Seizure first aid response
  4. Referral, diagnosis and treatments
  5. The epilepsy management cycle
  6. Prognosis and comorbidities.

Please note that this workshop does not include training in the administration of emergency medication. If you are supporting an individual living with epilepsy that has been prescribed emergency medication you will also require training in the administration of emergency medication.

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