Support and Training for Teachers

Early years, primary and secondary teachers can learn more about how to promote epilepsy awareness, provide individualised support and risk management through the Epilepsy Smart Schools program.

For Victorian teachers working in government schools, the Department of Education and Training (Victoria) Epilepsy and Seizures Policy provides guidance for teachers working in Victorian schools on the training required to support the needs of students living with epilepsy.

For NSW teachers the Department of Education in NSW requires that individual healthcare planning is undertaken for all students living with epilepsy, and the NSW Department of Education provides clear guidance on developing an Individual Health Care Plan.

Visit the Epilepsy Smart Schools website for further information on requirements of teachers working in government schools across Australia.

Our education and training programs can also be tailored to suit the needs of those working in other education and training environments, including university, TAFE and further education. Our staff can help you develop the skills and knowledge required to provide appropriate supports to a student living with epilepsy, while also developing a better understanding of the impacts that living with epilepsy may have on learning.

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