Remember – whatever your situation, there is support available for you. If you want to and are capable of working, there are services available that can help you find and keep a job. While not all people with epilepsy identify as having a disability, a number of Australian Government programs provide specialist support to individuals and their employers, including:

  • The NDIS has School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) as well as the possibility of including supported employment in an individual’s NDIS plan, through a registered provider or Disability Employment Service (DES).
  • Disability Employment Services (DES) assist people with a disability, injury or health condition to look for, find and sustain employment.
  • JobAccess is a free information and advice service about the employment of people with disability. JobAccess provides information about services, financial assistance and workplace solutions. There is also information about reasonable adjustments, disclosure of disability, disability employment case studies, tools and checklists. The Australian Government provides funding through the Employment Assistance Fund to cover the costs of making workplace changes, including buying equipment, modifications, or accessing services for people living with a disability.
  • Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) assist people with disabilities to gain training and experience to transition into open employment, or continue in supported employment. ADEs are for people with moderate to severe disabilities, helping them engage in a wide variety of work tasks including packaging, assembly, production, recycling, screen printing, horticulture, hospitality, cleaning and laundry services. Currently, funding for ADEs is being transitioned to the NDIS and this process is expected to be completed by 2019.
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