Bathing and bathrooms can carry some additional risks for people living with epilepsy. Some tips to help keep you safe in bathroom:

  • Fit bathroom and toilet doors which open outward, rather than inward, so that someone can get in should you have a fall and block the door.
  • Don’t lock the door, and consider hanging an ‘engaged’ notice on the door handle.
  • Consider also using a safety lock which can be unlocked from the outside in the event of a fall or emergency.
  • Use bathroom flooring made of non-slip rubber or soft material.
  • Use a fabric or plastic shower curtain, as this is safer than a glass door. But if you do use a glass shower door, check that it is made of safety glass. 
  • Taking a shower is safer than having a bath, because it reduces the risk of drowning should a seizure occur. If you don’t have a shower attach a shower head/rose to the bath tap and make sure that the plug is out so that water can drain away.
  • Ideally your shower should be at flat floor level and without a lip if possible. If there is a lip, ensure it is as low as possible to avoid water getting trapped.
  • Sit down when you shower, ideally using a shower chair.
  • Use non-stick strips or mats in the shower.
  • Do not use very hot water, and test the temperature by touch before stepping in. Consider using a control with a temperature cut-off to avoid being burned by hot water.
  • Use protective or padded covers on bathroom handles and taps.
  • If you have unpredictable and/or regular seizures it’s a good idea to let someone know, if possible, when taking a shower.
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