Maintaining healthy self-esteem is important for general well-being. Good self-esteem is often linked to improved learning outcomes as well as better vocational and career outcomes. Like any learner, it is important that people with epilepsy are able to experience success in learning. This sometimes means making learning and educational environments more accessible. The fundamentals of self-esteem are cultivated throughout childhood. For young people living with epilepsy, developing good self-esteem can sometimes be a struggle. Some young people may, at times, experience feelings of anxiety and loss of control, and this may negatively affect their self-image.

Epilepsy differs from many other chronic health conditions, due to its unpredictability. A person with epilepsy has no control over their seizures. This lack of control can sometimes lead to them feeling a lack of control over other parts of their lives, including their academic achievement and capacity to learn new skills.

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