It is important to listen to yourself, although sometimes this can be tricky. Some people find it useful to get in touch with how they are thinking and feeling through tools such as meditation and mindfulness. We often don’t want to let others down. We might be worried that they will be disappointed, or react in an unpleasant way. However, it is important to try to keep the healthy boundaries you have set for yourself. This will actually improve your social relationships in the long run.

Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, setting a boundary can make you feel like you are less capable than others. Try to remember that everyone has limits, and people have different ways of maintaining theirs. Whether or not you have epilepsy, giving yourself time and space to look after your well-being is very important.

If you are worried about any of these issues, you might find it helpful to discuss your concerns with a counsellor or psychologist, or contact a support worker at the Epilepsy Foundation.

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