Australian Epilepsy Research Register

The Australian Epilepsy Research Register (AERR) is a database of people who have epilepsy and their family or carers who have given us permission to communicate with them on an ongoing basis for the purpose of social and psychological research. We are hoping to gather as many people from around Australia as we can, to properly represent the experiences of different people living with epilepsy.

The Register is an Australia-wide project hosted by the Epilepsy Foundation.

This is not a medical or clinical research register. Participation primarily involves responding to surveys designed to find out more about the social consequences of epilepsy.

All research carried out is confidential and anonymous. There is no obligation to take part in any of the research studies offered.

All members of the research register will be invited to complete the Australian Epilepsy Longitudinal Survey (AELS). This survey takes place every three years and captures the experiences and any changes to those experiences of people with epilepsy, their families and carers. The Epilepsy Foundation aims to use the results of the AELS to argue for better policies and health services.

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