Sadie’s Story (as told by her mother, Jessica)


Sadie was diagnosed with epilepsy at 14 months old. She experiences generalised (absence) and focal seizures.


Currently in kindergarten, epilepsy has resulted in Sadie experiencing developmental delays and has significantly impacted her social interactions with peers, such as missing out on activities like play dates and school.


“The frequency and severity of Sadie’s seizures greatly limits her experiences, leaving her extremely fatigued and sleeping for extended periods. The condition also affects her mobility, communication and ability to eat and drink. Furthermore, the prolonged trial of medications over the past three years has led to various health complications, as Sadie’s body has resisted all the medications attempted so far.”


Despite the challenges epilepsy has thrown her way, Sadie continues to enjoy engaging in some of her favourite hobbies, such as arts and crafts and pretend play with her Care Bears.


Jessica first encountered the Epilepsy Foundation on social media, where she found comfort in being able to relate to others in similar situations.


“I encountered the Epilepsy Foundation on Instagram. They have helped support me by being able to relate to others’ stories and not feeling so isolated and alone on this journey.”


Jessica wants people to understand that even if someone’s seizures don’t appear to fit the conventional understanding of epilepsy, they can still be significantly detrimental to their overall health and developmental progress. In addition, she encourages people to show support for people living with epilepsy in any way they can.


“Do not underestimate the power of your support. Big or small, every bit helps, everything counts. Whether it is donating, getting involved in a fundraiser or sharing someone else’s fundraiser, sharing someone’s story and more. It is going to help at least one person or family who is affected by epilepsy.”


You can help us support people living with epilepsy, like Sadie, by donating today. Visit

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