Tribute to Dr Rosemary Panelli

Tribute to Dr Rosemary Panelli

By James Fettes June 26, 2021

Dr Rosemary Panelli (June 1952 – April 2021) played a pivotal part in building the Epilepsy Foundation’s engagement with people with a lived experience of epilepsy and those who support them.

Rosemary (known as Rosey) joined the Foundation in the 1990s to focus on supporting and expanding the role of volunteers. Under her guidance, the number of Op Shops grew from one to four, a volunteer public speakers program was established and a role was created for volunteers in the Epilepsy First Seizure clinics in major hospitals.

In the early 2000’s Rosey was an early advocate of international research into sudden unexpected deaths in epilepsy (SUDEP) and undertook various roles in this area including as the International Research Officer for the UK’s SUDEP Action.  

She was also instrumental in producing and editing a book in 2005  ‘Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy: A Global Conversation’ which went on to have two further editions.

In 2011 Rosey was acknowledged as an Ámbassador for Epilepsy’ a rare honour from the International Bureau of Epilepsy.  

Dr Rosey Panelli truly was a major international contributor to the understanding of epilepsy and to SUDEP in particular.

You can read the full tribute here.

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