Epilepsy Management Plans

The Epilepsy Foundation recommends the use of Epilepsy Management Plans (EMPs). EMPs can help others best understand and respond to your needs. If the plan is for your child or another person, it’s a great idea to take a person-centred approach. This often means involving the person in the development of their plan as much as possible. You can share the plan with schools, employers, service providers, and sporting or social clubs you are connected to.

Epilepsy Management Plan

An Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) is a document that you can develop with others involved in your life and care. It describes:

  • Your seizure types
  • Seizure triggers
  • How you would like to be supported during seizures
  • Emergency procedures that should be followed in the event of a seizure.

An EMP is a great way of ensuring that all the people in your life understand your epilepsy and how you want to be supported. The plan must be endorsed by your doctor. It’s important to update your plan at least once a year, or earlier if anything related to your epilepsy and treatment changes.

Click the link below to download the Epilepsy Management Plan template:

If the person with epilepsy has more than two seizure types please contact us via our contact us form or phone 1300 761 487.

New Seizure Management Plan online tool

The Epilepsy Foundation has partnered with Seer Medical to develop a new online tool for developing Seizure Management Plans (SMPs). These function the same as EMPs, but are designed for use by anyone who experiences seizures; including those with diagnosed epilepsy, those with undiagnosed epilepsy, and for febrile seizures.

The tool is now available for testing, and we invite feedback from the community about how to improve the tool. If you need a plan for immediate use, our EMPs are located above.

To develop an SMP, you will need to register as a patient with Seer Medical. You can do this by following the link below. Epilepsy Support Workers are available to assist you through this process.

You can provide feedback on this tool to Peter Kim at pkim@epilepsyfoundation.org.au.

Emergency Medication Management Plan

Some people with seizures that are difficult to control are prescribed emergency medication. If have been prescribed emergency medication, it is highly recommended that you work with your doctor to complete an Emergency Medication Management Plan (EMMP). An EMMP describes:

  • The medication
  • Method of administration
  • Dose
  • Instructions for administering the dose
  • Emergency procedures.

Your EMMP should be updated annually, or earlier if anything related to your epilepsy and emergency medication changes. Your EMMP should be attached to your EMP so that all the information related to your epilepsy is kept in one place.

Click on the link below to download the Emergency Medication Management Plan template.

Our Epilepsy Support Workers are available to assist you to understand and complete an EMP and EMMP. Contact our InfoLine on 1300 761 487 for assistance.

There are also EMP Guidelines and EMMP Guidelines available to assist you in preparing these plans. And if the person you care for has difficulty with reading or communication then our easy English Guidelines document may be useful.

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