This section provides information about seizure first aid for different kinds of seizures. We also look at what first aid should be used in different settings, like when a seizure happens in water.

Understanding how to provide an emergency response for someone having a seizure can assist in reducing the impact of that seizure on the individual.

Call 000 when a person has a seizure and any of the following apply:

1. If you don’t know the person
2. If there is no available Epilepsy Management Plan
3. If the seizure lasts for 5 minutes
4. If the seizure stops but the person does not regain consciousness within 5 minutes
5. If another seizure begins
6. If the seizure activity has resulted in a serious injury
7. If the seizure occurs in water
8. If you believe the person having the seizure may be pregnant

The Seizure First Aid poster below shows information about basic first aid and can be downloaded and used in your workplace or other setting.

Watch our Seizure First Aid video by clicking the link below:
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