Charlie’s Wish

Charlie is one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet.

He loves his family, his little dog Atticus and playtime with his friends.

This has been a strange year for Charlie. A pandemic meant he had to do home-schooling, couldn’t play with his friends, and wasn’t able to go visit his grandparents.

But something scary also happened to Charlie earlier this year. Something that will be with Charlie for the rest of his life. Want to know what happened? Just click here to read Charlie’s story.

The brain is the most complex part of our body. It controls our thoughts, memories and speech, movement of our arms and legs, and the function of many organs within our body. It is made up of billions of nerve cells called neurons. The neurons talk to each other through tiny electrical impulses, also known as electrical activity.

Everything was fine until suddenly… there was a really weird taste in Charlie’s mouth. A rising and sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. Charlie was just standing there, eyes blinking quickly, smacking lips, fingers picking at things that weren’t there.

It felt like a lifetime, but it was only 40 seconds. So, what happened to Charlie and his brain? Just click here to discover.

A large number of neurons sent out this HUGE wave of electricity that just totally overwhelmed Charlie’s brain.

Charlie had his first seizure.

Epilepsy is a condition in which there is abnormal electrical activity in the brain (called seizures).

Seizures occur suddenly and usually last for seconds to minutes. During a seizure, a person can experience a change in behaviour, body movements, and level of awareness.

The doctor told Charlie’s mum to get in touch with the Epilepsy Foundation. And she did!

The team at the Foundation first helped Charlie’s parents understand what epilepsy is and gave them heaps of information and support. They then created an Epilepsy Management Plan (EMP) for Charlie. You can read more here about the difference an EMP makes to families.

An EMP provides essential and practical information for family, friends, carers and teachers on managing seizures, seizure emergencies, treatments and safety. These plans not only help minimise the impact of seizures on a child’s daily life but can help prevent the risk of injury in the event of a seizure. In some cases, these plans can help save a child’s life.

Charlie’s wish is that every child diagnosed with epilepsy receives the amazing support, information, and care that he and his family got from the Epilepsy Foundation.

But we need YOU. Please donate today and help ensure every child is fully supported throughout the holiday season and well into the New Year.

One gift from you is all it takes to make Charlie’s wish come true.

Thanks to your ongoing and amazing donations we have been able to continue to provide support through these unusual times.

For this we continue to be very grateful that you value the importance of the role we play in ensuring that those with epilepsy won’t go it alone.

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