Ensuring the safety of our staff, clients, supporters and the community has meant the cancellation of many events related to Purple Day, which is disappointing for all in our community who have put in significant effort.

But there are many things we can continue to do to support people living with epilepsy during this difficult time.

Set up an online fundraiser
Websites such as Everyday Hero and Facebook have facilities to easily set up online fundraisers. You can set up an Everyday Hero here, while Facebook’s guide is here.

Get creative. If you’re spending extra time at home, you could use some of your own hobbies to encourage people to donate. Knit a quilt, write something creative, do some craftwork—your imagination is the only limit!

Purchase purple merchandise
We still have plenty of merchandise ready to be sent out for delivery. If you’re spending extra time at home with the kids, why not get some extra plush toys for them? We’ve also got frisbees (a great backyard activity at home), t-shirts and other goodies. Stock up and get your friend to do the same! You can find the store here.

Donate directly
While the current situation is forcing us to make workplace changes here at the Epilepsy Foundation, we’re continuing to provide the very best information, support and research to people living with epilepsy. Your financial support will ensure we can continue with that important work. You can make a one-off donation here or set up a recurring payment by following the link here.

Check in with your loved ones
People living with chronic illness are particularly vulnerable during this time. If you have loved ones—living with epilepsy or not—who are spending more time at home alone, make sure to check in with them and see how you can help.

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