Epilepsy Champions Club

The Epilepsy Champions Club is a regular giving program that provides the option of pre-authorised payments made weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even yearly.

Many donors believe in our work but their circumstances don’t allow them to make a gift as large as they would like.

Regular giving can really change this and if you think about the possibilities it can be a very powerful option. Think of what just $1 per day could do – a monthly donation of $31 is an incredible gift of $372 per year!

This not only helps you include gift giving into your long-term financial strategy, but also allows the Epilepsy Foundation to plan ahead and maximise the impact of your donations.

For further information on the Epilepsy Champions Club, please call our donation line on
1300 437 453 or 03 8809 0655.

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