In Memory

When someone close to us dies, we experience grief, sadness and, ultimately, an appreciation of all the memories we have of that special person.

An In Memory donation to the Epilepsy Foundation is a special way to remember someone, and at the same time help give hope and life to those who remain.

There are a number of ways in which you can make an In Memory donation:

Online: Donate online through our secure server

In Memory Envelope: Most Funeral Directors have a supply of Epilepsy Foundation In Memory envelopes or have another collection facility for use when memorial donations are requested by the family at a funeral.

Receipts for All – Everyone who makes a memorial donation is sent a letter of thanks with a receipt, which can be used for tax purposes if required.

When you make a memorial donation we will let the next of kin or nearest family member know. A letter expressing condolences and appreciation is sent with special thanks to the names of all those who kindly made a memorial donation (the dollar amount is not mentioned).

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