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Leave a Gift in your Will


A gift to the Epilepsy Foundation in your Will is a life-changing legacy for Australians impacted by epilepsy

Writing a Will is one of the most important documents you will ever create. We recognise and encourage that you need to provide for your family and friends first. And we are most grateful for any support you can provide today and beyond.


By remembering the Epilepsy Foundation with a gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, your decision today will help support those living with epilepsy well into the future.


A gift in your Will is an investment in:

  • Innovative support, information and resources for people with epilepsy
  • Evolving new treatments aimed at providing greater care for them 
  • Ground-breaking research leading to a potential cure



Let us thank YOU

Leaving a gift in your Will to the Epilepsy Foundation is one of the most generous and compassionate actions showing how much you care for people living with epilepsy. Your gift will be life-changing for them and their loved ones, giving them the support and resources they need to live well, as we strive for a cure.

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to us, we would like the opportunity to thank and recognise you.

Please know how grateful we are. You truly will change the lives of people living with epilepsy.

“Sixty years ago, when the Epilepsy Foundation was founded by Mary Davis, a dedicated and fearless advocate for her son and others with epilepsy, little was known or understood about this condition. I believe we have come a long way since then, with greater research undertaken, care and resources provided for people living with epilepsy. Yet more needs to be done. We need to fund more research and assistance. I hope, by leaving a gift in my Will, that I can help the Foundation continue its terrific work to help people live well, as they fund research for new treatments and a cure for epilepsy.”  M R


Get in Touch

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will, please call us on (03) 8809 0600, or email bequest@epilepsyfoundation.org.au

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