This is a challenging time. The Coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted our lives, causing unprecedented hardship, fear and anxiety for many, especially our most vulnerable.

This includes people living with epilepsy who need your support now more than ever. Donate today and help keep them connected. 

The use of technology – phone and online – can keep our clients connected. But your support can help us reach many more people living with epilepsy.

To protect clients and their carers, face-to-face services have ceased. Today we are providing comprehensive support through our:

  • InfoLine (1300 761 487) staffed by our Epilepsy Support Workers every day of the week for anyone who calls requiring immediate advice and support
  • Education programs delivered to families, businesses and organisations through video conferencing tools
  • Social media and online forums which provide a sense of community with information, advice and a listening ear especially to those struggling with their epilepsy

And for those who do not have a computer, we are mailing vital resources, so they have the information and guidance they need.

We are constantly innovating and expanding our phone and online services to meet the changing needs of people with epilepsy.

Your support is urgently needed.

Transitioning to phone and online support reliant on technology has created an additional and unexpected financial cost.

Yet every person must be connected and fully supported during this pandemic and beyond.

Emma lives with tonic clonic seizures.

“I was 19 years old, at University studying Journalism and Communication, and had a part-time job. But in just 5 minutes my world and my hopes were changed. It was Christmas Eve. I was working but within 5 minutes, I’d lost the use of my right arm, my voice collapsed… And then I had a seizure. For two weeks I was in a coma, and then a further six months in and out of hospital.”

Emma’s hopes and dreams were put indefinitely on hold. Read this young woman’s heart-warming story to discover some good news that we all need right now.

Not one person should ever manage their epilepsy without the support they need.

Show them you will keep them connected. Donate today.

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